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Shalom Y'all

Mosaic Life, Hebrew Roots
Hebrew root, Nashville TN


Every Saturday at 10:30 the blowing of the shofar will start a time of worship. We have a  contemporary worship style and love to praise Yahweh



               A Hebrew Roots

               Congregation in

               Nashville, TN


Whether this is your first time exploring and seeing who we are or the one hundredth time and wish we would put more stuff on the site, I’m glad you are virtually here at Mosaic Life Fellowship.


I hope you get the feeling from your visit on this site that we are a warm friendly group of believers who love to fellowship with one another but more important love to worship and celebrate Yeshua (Jesus) as our one true messiah. 

We believe in each other; we stand by each other in the happiest moments as well as the saddest.  We are a diversity of cultures who find unity under the teaching of Yeshua.

Mosaic Life is more than just our name it is what we as a congregation bring together to become one, a mosaic of love: together we make up the body of Christ and Yeshua is the head.  

It’s all about living a biblical life using the whole bible as our guide and renewing daily our minds and being transformed into the likeness of our Savior. We pray you will enjoy your visit and leave a message if you have any questions. 

I would also like to extend a personal invitation if you are ever in the Nashville area on Saturday please stop in and worship with us!! We would love to share our Southern Hebraic Hospitality!


                                                                                                                         Shalom, peace be with you

Mosaic Life, Hebrew Roots

We Celebrate the Appointed Times of God

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Mosaic Life, Hebrew Roots


We meet every Saturday Morning

9:30am Torah Study >10:30am Service

Located @

121 East Ave,

Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Shalom Y'all


Map MLF 121 East Ave..jpg

121East Ave.
Goodlettsville, TN

Wild Flowers

We meet every

Saturday Morning

>9:30am Torah Study

>10:30am Worship Service

Oneg meal to follow (potluck)

Mosaic Life, Hebrew Roots


What is a shofar and why do we blow it every shabbath service?




We advocate the return and

adherence to the first century

walk of faith and obedience to the Torah & New Testament

writtings as a whole.

 By seeking a better understanding of the culture, history, religious & political backdrop of that era provides a deeper understanding of Scripture and the will of Yahweh.

Mosaic Life fellowship Nashville TN Messianic Hebrew Root

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Family & Marriage

"Aleichem Shalom" (עֲלֵיכֶם שָׁלוֹם)
or "Peace be upon You."

Hebrew root, NashvilleTN

Shalom Y'all


Family Tension, 

Strained Relations,

Lack of Self confidence

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